Welcome to Back Country Lodges!



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Welcome to Back Country Lodges!

If you are like most people who can afford to travel - you're living in a large urban city - unconsciously longing to retreat back to a space where you have room to breathe - a place where your personal space is not measured by feet or inches but by miles.... and in some cases horizons.

A place where real cowboys still ride the ranges and work for a living. Where trails are still not on the maps, and adventure still lives...

These romantic getaways exist in some of the most remote wilderness areas of the Canadian Wilderness.

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Some lodges require you to either walk, ski or helicopter in to them offering their guests unparalled glimpses of these landscapes; others you can drive to - though these are considered Front Country Lodges - and offer a sense of peace.

In either case - a getaway at one of these truly unique resorts brings one back to an era of yesteryear - complete with the sense of awe and wonder that truly wild places bring out in us.